Admissions & Allocations




Because Tangram is a housing co-operative, where the organisation is owned and run by the tenants themselves, our application process is different to other housing providers.


The process of being housed by us has two components. We need to see if we consider that you would make a suitable member of the co-operative, and then see if we can offer you a property that meets your needs. You do need to be aware that the admissions process can take some time, and there is no guarantee we will be able to offer you membership or a tenancy.


In order to keep things manageable, we will only begin the admissions process when there is a realistic chance of us being able to offer you a suitable property. This means you may not hear from us for some time after submitting an application.


When we think that it is possible that we may be able to offer you a property we will ask you to come to an introduction and social event at our offices. This will give you the opportunity to find out more about Tangram, and give existing members a chance to meet you. These events are usually held on the same day as the Tangram General Meeting.


After attending the introduction and social, we ask that you attend a General Meeting, which is where all members of the co-op can attend to discuss policy, and a meeting of the Management Committee or one of its sub-committees, which carry out the day to day running of the co-op. Once you have done this, we will ask you to attend an admissions interview with a panel of co-op members.


The interview will ask questions about why you want to join Tangram and what you feel you can contribute. It will not cover your housing situation. The panel will then make a recommendation to a General Meeting as to whether you should be admitted as a member. The General Meeting makes the final decision as to who is admitted as a member, though it must make these decisions in a fair and considered manner. Your membership will not be considered by a General Meeting until we are in a position to allocate you a property.


When you have completed the admissions process and a suitable property becomes available, we will hold an allocation panel, which will interview the candidates for the property about their housing situation. We allocate properties on the basis of housing need. The panel will make a recommendation to the General Meeting as to who should be offered the property.


If you are recommended as the new tenant for a property the General Meeting will be asked to approve your membership application and then your allocation to that property.



This is a summary of the process. The full policy and procedure is attached below